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Faster Payment System (FPS)

FPS Logo FPS is a financial infrastructure connecting licensed banks and e-wallets operated by stored value facility (SVF) licensees in Hong Kong.
Bills regularly issued by the Inland Revenue Department, the Rating and Valuation Department and the Water Supplies Department on or after 1 November 2019 will be printed with a FPS QR code. You can use any supporting mobile banking app or e-wallet to scan the FPS QR code to pay the bills.

Please visit the website of Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited for more details of FPS and the list of banks and e-wallets that support the Government bill payments through FPS QR code.

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Notes: (1) User authentication for mobile banking app or e-wallet is required.
  (2) The QR code scanning function provided by individual banks or e-wallets may vary. Please contact your banks or e-wallets for details.
  (3) Check the payment limit pre-set at your banks or e-wallets before making bill payments.

e-brochure - Use Faster Payment System to Pay Government Bills :

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