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Electronic General Demand Note Service


The Government aims to provide the electronic general demand note (e-GDN) service, in respect of the existing hardcopy mode of General Demand Note (GDN), by phases starting from late March 2010. The participating bureaux/departments (b/ds) will invite their users to opt for receiving GDNs by electronic means. You may refer to the List of Issuing Offices of the Bureaux / Departments providing e-GDN.

To apply for enjoying the e-GDN service, if your selected issuing office of the b/ds accepts online registration, you can register through the MyGovHK website or iAM Smart Mobile App and follow the steps provided on screen to complete the registration process through online mode. Alternatively, you may download and complete the Registration Form for e-GDN Service (Form) (PDF format / 793 KB / 2 pages), and then submit the duly signed Form to the issuing office of the participating b/ds.

Through e-GDN Accounts in the Government's webpage, users can view and download anytime and anywhere their e-GDNs and related messages, attachments, payment information, etc.

e-GDN Account Summary (Sample)

When b/ds issue e-GDNs or reminders to users' e-GDN Accounts, notifications via e-mail and/or SMS will be sent to the users in accordance with their instructions. If users registered their e-GDN Accounts via online registration or already linked up the existing e-GDN Accounts with MyGovHK Accounts, alert messages will also be sent to users’ MyGovHK message boxes. Notification by SMS and/or Email

By opting for e-GDN service, users can enjoy efficient, convenient and flexible electronic services. Most importantly, it is friendly to our environment by reducing paper waste.

List of Issuing Offices of the Bureaux / Departments providing e-GDN

General Demand Note (Sample) The Bureau / Department code and Issuing Office code (1st to 6th digit) is shown in the top left-hand corner of the General Demand Note.
Bureau / Department Bureau / Department code and Issuing Office code Registration Methods
By filling a Registration Form for e-GDN Service By online registration via MyGovHK website or iAM Smart Mobile App
Civil Aviation Department 013109 Yes N/A
013113 Yes N/A
013115 Yes N/A
013118 Yes N/A
013701 Yes N/A
013702 Yes N/A
Civil Engineering and Development Department 153001 Yes N/A
153002 Yes N/A
153005 Yes Yes
153008 Yes N/A
153009 Yes N/A
153010 Yes N/A
153015 Yes N/A
153705 Yes Yes
Customs and Excise Department 015002 Yes Yes
015003 Yes N/A
015007 Yes Yes
015008 Yes Yes
015013 Yes N/A
015014 Yes N/A
015015 Yes N/A
015016 Yes N/A
015030 Yes N/A
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 077003 Yes Yes
Environmental Protection Department 069001 Yes Yes
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 143001 Yes Yes
Government Property Agency 001001 Yes Yes
001002 Yes Yes
001007 Yes Yes
001008 Yes Yes
001009 Yes Yes
Intellectual Property Department 004001 Yes N/A
Labour Department 031003 Yes Yes
031004 Yes N/A
Lands Department Issuing Offices Yes Yes
Leisure and Cultural Services Department 144001 Yes N/A
144011 Yes N/A
Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration 068003 Yes N/A
Rating and Valuation Department 044001 Yes N/A
044002 Yes N/A
044003 Yes N/A
044005 Yes N/A
Security Bureau 118003 Yes Yes
Social Welfare Department 051002 Yes Yes
Trade and Industry Department 083701 Yes Yes
Treasury 053011 Yes Yes
053030 Yes Yes

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