“Restriction-testing Declaration” Operations

In addition to supporting the financial and payment operations for various anti-epidemic initiatives, the Treasury also participates in front-line “restriction-testing declaration” (RTD) operations.  Around 150 Treasury colleagues are deployed in each RTD operation and the smooth and effective operations owed much to colleagues’ meticulous planning and dedicated efforts.  We firmly believe that with concerted efforts, Hong Kong will win the anti-epidemic fight.

  • photo1 Gearing up for operation in the fight against the epidemic
  • photo2 Assisting residents in the "restricted area"
  • photo3 Assisting residents to undergo test
  • photo4 Handling residents’ enquiries
  • photo5 Assisting residents to put on wristbands
  • photo6 Distributing food packs, rapid antigen test kits and anti-epidemic proprietary Chinese medicines donated by the Central People’s Government to residents