Other Information

Application for Access to Information

Access to Information Officer

Departmental Secretary is designated as the Access to Information Officer of this Department. He / She is responsible for ensuring that requests for access to information under the Code on Access to Information are properly dealt with in accordance with the specified procedures.

Application Form

Requests for information or records held by the Department may be made by letter or by application form which can be downloaded here or obtained from the Reception Counter of this Department on the 27th floor, Immigration Tower or at the Public Enquiry Service Centres of all District Offices. The application should be addressed to :

By Post : Access to Information Officer,
The Treasury,
27th Floor, Immigration Tower,
7 Gloucester Road,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
By Fax : (852) 2598 9273
By Email : With application form as attachment to : info@try.gov.hk

List of Information Available at the Reception Counter of the Treasury

  1. Organisation charts of the Treasury (in English)
  2. Our Services (in English & Chinese)
  3. Code on Access to Information (in English & Chinese)
  4. Guidelines on Interpretation and Application, Code on Access to Information (in English & Chinese)
  5. A list of information and records by category and subject kept by the Department (in English & Chinese)
  6. A list of information published or made available free of charge or at a price (in English & Chinese)
  7. Performance Pledge (in English & Chinese)

Personal Data

If the request involves personal information, please refer to the Statement of the Treasury’s Personal Data Privacy Policy and Practices for the main types of personal data held by the Department and the application procedures.


Other than publications which are available free of charge, or at a price specified, the following photocopying charge will be levied :

Photocopying black and white on A3 or A4 size paper The standard fee is HK$1.5 (for A3 size paper) or HK$1.3 (for A4 size paper) per photocopy unless otherwise provided by enactment or approved by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury

The above charge is subject to revision from time to time.


For enquiries, please call 2829 5132 during office hours.