Convenience Store

Convenience Store Payers may settle the following government bills in cash at designated convenience stores. Most of the convenience stores can provide 24-hour payment service. Your payment made before midnight on the due date will be regarded as on time.

Available for payment of :-

Department / Bill Enquiry Hotline
Rating & Valuation Department
  • Demand for Rates and/or Government Rent
2152 0111
Water Supplies Department
  • Water Bills
2824 5000
Inland Revenue Department
  • Profits Tax
  • Salaries Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Tax charged under Personal Assessment
  • Business Registration Renewal Demand Notes
  • e-Stamping Payment Notices
187 8033
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
  • Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) Repayment Demand Notes
2802 2345
Lands Department
  • Government Rent Demand Notes
2231 3033
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
  • Market Stall Rent
2867 5117
Environmental Protection Department
  • Chemical / Clinical Waste Demand Notes
  • Waste Disposal / Transfer Deposit Demand Notes
  • Waste Disposal / Transfer Demand Notes
2872 1857
(Chemical / Clinical Waste)
2872 1854
(Waste Disposal / Transfer)
General Demand Notes 2845 8866

Important Notes for Payment at Convenience Stores :

  • Please bring along the relevant bill for payment.
  • Only cash is accepted.
  • The maximum limit for each transaction is HK$5,000.
  • Please check carefully and ensure that the details printed on the receipt, such as the amount paid, the bill reference number, payment date and time are correct.
  • Please retain the receipt for payment record.

For further details / enquiry, please refer to the information below :

Convenience stores in Hong Kong Enquiry hotlines
7-Eleven Convenience Stores 2299 1110
Circle K Convenience Stores 2991 6337
VanGO Convenience Stores 2586 3567
China Resources Vanguard Supermarkets in Hong Kong 2586 3000

For further assistance from the Treasury, please Contact Us.